Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tim Keller, again

“Identity is a complex set of layers, for we are many things. Our occupation, ethnic identity, etc., are part of who we are. But we assign different values to these components and thus Christian maturing is a process in which the most fundamental layer of our identity becomes our self-understanding as a new creature in Christ along with all our privileges in him.

- Timothy Keller “Gospel Christianity” Course 3 (Redeemer Presbyterian Church, 2003), 141.

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Tyler Dawn said...

And until we have that foundational layer (and a good deal of maturity heaped up on it), we can never see others without seeing first all the dehumanising layers that make it easy to discount them as "not really real."

For a long time, after coming to Christ, people would ask me about myself and I was very quick to define myself by my profession. "I am a chemist!" It was important, more vital to me than anything because it would define how others saw me. Only years after becoming a mom was I willing to give up the chemist title and not care about it anymore. But it was HARD!!!! It was my identity!!!

I remember I had a dream years ago where god was dealing with that. I had lost my ID and i was searching everywhere for it. I kept saying, "I need to prove who I am! No one will know who I am!" It took days for Him to beat into my thick skull what He was trying to tell me. I don't need that identity at all!