Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Yorker article on euthanasia

A disturbing, fascinating look at the euthanasian movement in Belgium and Flanders.  Andy's comment: "  I was struck by the nihilism on display - death as the solution to problems, ranging from terminal illness to depression to mere unhappiness. People often complain that human suffering somehow implicates God in evil. I would reply that without God, suffering is meaningless and hopeless."   Cross this with increasingly socialized health care and the inevitability of bureacrats deciding who it financially viable to treat or not and you have a horrible soup.  And dad's assertion that delaying death is not actually the same thing as prolonging life . . . when our medical technology has advanced to the point when we can extend existence and suffering a very long time without actually curing anything, what is the righteous way forward?  I don't know . . .


HT:  Andy Scott, via FB

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