Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday Comic round up

It's always interesting to see which of the Sunday strips acknowledge the existence of Easter Sunday and which don't.  On this, the feast of the Resurrection, the most important day of the Christian year, should we even expect the world to acknowledge it?  I was surprised that many of the strips which have previously made a point of establishing their families as church-going--Jump Start, Curtis, Baldo--ran completely generic Sunday strips.  There were the spattering of generic "Easter means spring" and Easter egg themed strips . . . mostly from grandparents of the funnies pages.  Family Circus, of course.  FBoFW, Blondie, and Mutts.  Rhymes with Orange wins the kudos for secular acknowledgement.  The pastel camo just makes me laugh.

And for a blog in which I have publicly affirmed my love for peeps, this year's Foxtrot deserves special notice.

B.C., of course, has traditionally held the position of being the most outspokenly Christian strip in the funny pages.  With Johnny Hart dead and his grandson writing the strip, I was curious to see what Mason Mastroianni would come out with this year.  I was pleased to see his honoring his grandfather's spirit by one-upping the delivery.

And Mallard Fillmore wins the prize for succinct theological accuracy.  If the glory that God deserves is infinite, the finite amounts of glory we can give him in any setting are vastly inadequate (they taught us in algebra that 1 / infinity and 1000 / infinity are both effectively 0) . . . then it strangely, wonderfully, fitting to honor him in this way.

My favorite strip this morning though goes to the erratic "One Big Happy," which it appears took the occasion of Easter to make some rather different religious commentary.  Namely, how completely ridiculous and self-contradictory the various popular beliefs about angels are.  Kudos to Mr. Detorie.  

A blessed Easter to everyone.  Christ is risen--he is risen indeed!

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DCAnsell said...

Excellent selection of comics. BC is always priceless.