Friday, March 20, 2009

7 quick takes, volume 090320

Hosted by Jennifer @ Conversion Diary
1.  Vicodin:  never again, if I can help it.  Got some work done earlier this week in my mouth and sent home with a prescription for two days of bad drug trip.  May cause dizziness?  Try, "can't walk a straight line."  May cause drowsiness?  Try, "keel over in exhaustion and then dream hallucinatory dreams."  But I'll give it this--any pain was a really long way away.  

2.  We have spring!  I love it.  Actual sunshine and clear skies.  Being able to go out with only a light jacket.  Budding trees.  Enough daylight to actually do something after dinner . . .

3.  Last night I learned how to do stationary lunges.  Without weights.  And still . . . Ow.
4.  Speaking of #2, the kids are going bike-crazy.  5-y.o. has gotten really good without training wheels.  8-y.o. is determined not to let her little sister show her up.  I really wish there were sidewalks in our sub-division and I could let the kids go on their own.  But the crazies (and everyone else too) tears down our street at 40 mph and I just don't feel that they're good enough at watching and listening to be able to bike in the road and be safe doing it.
5.  3-y.o. is jealous of all this.  She cannot keep up with her big sisters even when she is frantically pedalling her tricycle about as fast as it can be pedalled.  Talk about unfair.
6.  Sesame Street seems to have taken good steps this season to address the decline that's happened over recent years.  The writing is smarter, slicker, more creative . . . they've collected some great cameos and used them well.  Now if they'd just get rid of Elmo's World.

7.  At some point, this post of Jared Wilson's needs more extended reflection.  But in the meantime I'll just note that as my dear husband often preaches, legalism is easier than grace.  And being like Jesus means loving those who don't deserve it all the way to the cross.  Christ-following isn't for wimps . . . and "just loving people" sounds real nice until you have to apply it to . . . you know, actual people.
8.  Bonus Quick Take:  As an intelligent, thinking, trying-to-be-responsible adult, I've felt that I really ought to try to understand this whole economic/financial thing going on with our country right now.  Mostly as I wade through articles and explanations though, I find it alternately incomprehensible and boring.  But today's xkcd is enlightening.


Christi said...

If you need it, try 1/2 or 1/4 of a vicoden. I no longer take a whole one unless I want to be in a coma. they can probably prescribe something else, but you may get the same fun side effects.

That is so rough when one kid can't keep up because they are smaller.

Lerin said...

Vicodin is definitely hardcore stuff. I felt pretty weird with it as well.

Elmo's World is the reason my children don't watch Sesame Street. When I am hormonal, hearing that theme song and seeing Mr Noodle makes me think very very dark thoughts. ;)

I enjoyed your quick takes! Nice to meet you. :)

Heather of the EO said...

I love that Sesame Street episode, sketch? blurb?

well, you know...that one with Feist, love it.

Vicodin is not my friend either. The weirdest thing for me is that it keeps me AWAKE. I'm so not normal.

pam at beyondjustmom said...

Love that clip, and how Sesame Street puts in a few things the grownups can tolerate too. I'm intrigued by your site. Thanks for stopping by!

pam said...

I meant to add the cartoon hit home too. I too am trying to educate myself amidst the screaming and shouting and angst, some justified, some maybe not. Not easy to do!