Monday, December 1, 2008

comic score day

any one of these three could have made my day--to get all of them at once makes it a pretty good monday.

I think the dryer elves at our house must be transforming adult socks into baby ones. I can't come up with any other explanation for where the generous supply of good socks that we bought for my husband went, or where the flood of tiny socks that fit none of our three children came from.

Before lolcats was Sylvia, with her cats providing their own captions. As a cat person, I suddenly have a strong desire to send a kitten--an entire litter of kittens--to the Obama family.

the world needs this GPS. :)

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Susan said...

Hi Sara I eventually made my way over here from the "kitchen".

I was excited to read that you are a pastor's wife. I am too. Though I tend not to mention it on my blog. I hate it being the first thing people know about me. I'm afraid they will put me in a box marked "Do Not Touch".

I also like to write. Anyway it's good to meet you.