Friday, September 19, 2008

The latest meme

Happy apparently thinks I haven't been blogging enough. She's probably right. Or she just thinks I'm an easy mark. In which case, she's probably right. Anyway. Three things about . . . well, lots.

3 Joys:
  • coffee (and chocolate, and things like tiramisu and Starbucks truffles, which combine them)
  • watching moving water . . . a river, the ocean, a waterfall, a good fountain even
  • praying in the empty sanctuary, Sunday morning before worship. (Preferably with a cup of coffee)

3 Fears:

  • spiders
  • failing my children
  • doing something really stupid with money
3 Goals:
  • To hike the Bryce Canyon trail
  • To finish my book (or honestly, get much past the 2nd chapter)
  • to visit Rome again
3 Current Obsessions:
  • figuring which of the long list of house projects we can / should afford to have done before the snow flies
  • building in a habit of exercise
  • the presidential election
3 Random/Surprising Facts: (um, about me? it doesn't say . . . check out Wikipedia--it's crammed with random and surprising facts . . . did you know that vexillology is the study of flags?)
  • um . . . I can get lost for hours in Wikipedia
  • I like silver better than gold
  • I detest laundry
3 Things I hope for:

I'm adding this one in separate from goals. My goals are the things that I'm striving for, the things, that, whether or not I accomplish them have a lot to do with my own efforts. These things, that I hope for, are things that I want to see God do, in and around my life--and if I try to convince myself that they're up to my efforts, I'll probably just get in the way of God accomplishing them.
  • for our church to grow into a community addicted to worship. One of the sweetest things I've ever experienced was to be part of a group that just swam in it. I want more of that
  • for my daughters to grow up knowing in their innermost spirits who they are in Christ and to live towards being more that every day
  • for the works of my hands to reflect the beauty and truth of the Creator who made us, and to bring glory to his son, Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit

There you go, Hap. I don't tag. Whoever wants it . . . happy meme-ing!


Mike said...

Hey Sara. Just thought I'd let you know that I participated. You can read my post here.

Tara said...

She tagged me too....see it

Tara said...

Sorry still learning how to insert a link on a didn't work as you can see.....