Saturday, July 19, 2008

further theological adventures with children

Bedtime the other night:

My seven year old: "Why did the snake tell Adam and Eve that they'd be like God?"
(Note: this is completely out of the blue--we've just finished praying a completely standard bedtime prayer along the lines of thank-you-for-a-good-day-and-give-us-good-dreams).
Me: Well, the snake was trying to get them to disobey. He had reasons of his own.
7YO: I don't like him.
Me: Good. You're not supposed to.
7YO: But the Bible says that we're supposed to love our enemies.
Me: Oh. It means our human enemies. The people we think are our enemies. Satan's a different category altogether.
7YO: So we're supposed to . . .
Me: Well, God loves us even though we sin. And those people that we think are our enemies, God loves them, even when they sin, and they're being mean to us, and God wants us to remember to see each other the way he sees us and to love each other.
7YO: (considers) So does God love Satan?
Me: um . . . Rob!

(gotta love being married to the pastor)


Valorosa said...

You win Sara ... thanks for a look into the mind of a 7 year old.
I think children are truly smarter than adults.


Tara said...

NNNNIIIICCCEEEE! Been there done that...well done!!
Thanks for dropping in to post at my page. It's been awhile.
I gotta tell ya...this post made me smile and remember when it was me doing the 'training up'...Props to you mom!!

Tara said...

Sara- checked out the A 2 A do you do it?? No I'm not retarded...but what are the general rules?? Help!