Friday, March 14, 2008

Resonance meme

For me, there's one clear answer to this meme: Erin's Better Christian Woman series of posts, with discussion. Her posts, and the discussion that followed gave words and structure to a set of attitudes, to a certain aspect of church culture which I had been aware of and bothered by, but hadn't taken the time to look square in the face. The very "BCW" label has given me a handle to think about the questions. What are the boxes that we try to squeeze each other into? Why does there seem to be this universal human tendency to box not only God, but each other? How do I deal with the emotional baggage and resentment that I carry from those who have tried to put me in boxes.

(Why do I bother to resent it, when no one who has tried has ever had much in the way of success?)

Thanks, Erin, for a lot of thought provoking material, and for some ideas that are going to be echoing through my thoughts for a while.

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Erin said...

Wow. Sara.

Honestly I wish the things I've written weren't true. But they are and I had to rant about it.

I was inspired after having dinner with Kathy Escobar, talking with her caused me to realize I'm not crazy, so I guess I owe it to her.

I'm glad my rantings have been encouraging to means so much to me to have you say that.